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Indian Maharaja

Experience a day in the life of an Indian Maharaja on the Maharajas’ Express

The term ‘Indian Maharaja’ instantly conjures up images of turbaned, bejeweled royals, fabulously rich and powerful. Although no longer a reality in independent India, the royal families continue to fascinate us with their opulent lifestyles, age-old mysteries and exclusive privileges. If you want to be a part of their royal lives and spend a few days like an Indian Maharaja, then the world’s leading luxury train, The Maharajas’ Express beckons! In a bid to restore the artistic heritage of India’s greatest kingdoms, The Maharajas’ Express takes travellers on an unforgettable journey through exquisite monuments and magnificent palaces straight out of a fairytale. Here’s what a day in the journey of the Maharajas’ Express’ looks like.

  • Wake Up To Royal Glory: Escape to a magical world of elegance and stellar outside views of the vibrant Indian landscape with The Maharajas’ Express. From the bedecked train chambers inside to the charming landscape outside, there is beauty wherever one wishes to look. Maharajas’ Express guests can prepare for a day full of exciting excursions and fun-filled discoveries with a hearty breakfast, made even more special by a cup of famous aromatic Indian tea. To ensure there is no finer way to savour the pleasures of royal life aboard, our team leaves no stone unturned. Knowing that it’s the little details that matter, they do everything- right from remembering your name to preparing a hot cup of coffee according to your preference- to make you feel at home.
  • Walk Amidst Grandeur: To keep themselves entertained, kings in ancient India typically witnessed performances by renowned artists & performers from all over the world. Similarly, as a Maharajas’ Express guest you would step down from your royal carriage onto a red carpet and get transported back in time to appreciate the arts and architecture from India’s golden age. With activities like excursions to stunning palaces, famous museums, visits to impressive forts, jungle safaris, cultural evenings, barbeques, India folk dance performances and more, included in the itineraries, The Maharajas’ Express journeys are focused on paying a tribute to the grandeur of royal India while giving you an insight into what it was like to live life king size back then.
  • Wind Down in Gratitude: After spending a day like royalty, The Maharajas’ Express guests are escorted back to their comfortable accommodation on the train to partake in a feast fit for a king. Serving the most decadent and delicious dishes from Indian and international cuisines, Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal, the train’s elegant fine-dining restaurants on wheels are designed to perfection. To conclude the day on a relaxing note, guests can spend quality time with their companions in one of the train’s exclusive lounge bars, Rajah Club or Safari Bar, that offer dedicated spaces for an intimate evening with your loved ones.

On the Maharajas’ Express, guests get an opportunity to not just feast and travel like Indian royalty but dress like them too! By adorning gorgeous Indian sarees and kurta pyjamas, the traditional Indian attire gifted by The Maharajas’ Express team, the guests can truly embrace the garb of the royalty!

4 Royal Journeys by The Maharajas’ Express

The super luxury train travels on 4 different circuits across India, giving tourists the choice of 4 remarkable experiences.

  • The Indian Panorama (7 days and 6 nights) (October to April)
  • The Indian Splendour (7 days and 6 nights) (October to April)
  • The Heritage of India (7 days and 6 nights) (October to April)
  • Treasures of India (4 days and 3 nights) (October to April)

While the destinations in the itineraries vary, The Maharajas’ Express experience remains authentic and unparalleled. If the life of an Indian Maharaja is what you wish for, The Maharajas’ Express will make it come true, that too amidst great style & luxury. For more details on The Maharajas’ Express Train, visit the official website on