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Agra Tourism: Discover the Top Sites & Sights with The Maharajas’ Express

A heritage tour of Agra is one of the best ways to delve into India’s vibrant culture and eponymous history. The old city of Agra with its vintage markets, architectural marvels and narrow, winding lanes is an archive of lost stories and past traditions. While its most prized possession to date remains the enchanting Taj Mahal, this iconic city has a lot more to offer beyond the Taj. Here’s a look at the best of Agra tourism.
Must-Visit Destinations
Taj Mahal: Standing majestically on the banks of river Yamuna, the stunning ode to love carved in stone, Taj Mahal is truly beauty personified. The crowning jewel of Agra tourism, the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world not only because of its brilliant architecture and extraordinary craftsmanship but also because it is a legend of eternal love.
Agra Fort: Close to the Mughal gardens of Taj Mahal lies another powerful fortress, the Red Fort of Agra. The main residence of emperors of the Mughal Dynasty, this historical monument sports a forbidding exterior that gives way to an inner paradise. A magnificent example of Mughal architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has white-marble mosques, glass palaces, bejewelled thrones and more to offer as a testimony of its brilliance.
Fatehpur Sikri: Once the flourishing capital of illustrious Mughal Emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned due to water scarcity. This deserted town serves as a reminder of the golden age of Mughal architecture in India with edifices such as architectural complexes, ancient temples and one of India’s largest mosques, the Jama Masjid.
Must-Try Cuisines
A food connoisseur’s paradise, the charming city of Agra boasts of swanky high-end restaurants as well as local street carts, both serving delicious dishes. A souvenir from its Mughal era and a trademark cuisine is Mughlai- rich, delicate and full of flavours. Some must-try traditional Mughlai dishes in Agra include korma, biryani, Mughlai paratha, malai kofta, reshmi kebab, and Mughlai chicken, etc. if you have a sweet tooth, then you can satiate those sugar cravings with some mouthwatering Indian sweets such as Agra ka petha, jalebi and shahi tukda among others.
Must-Watch Performances
If the romantic saga of King Shah Jahan and his beloved Queen Mumtaz Mahal strikes a chord in your heart, then you should set your eyes on the spectacular ‘Mohabbat, The Taj Show.’ Taking place at the famous theatre Kalakriti Cultural and Convention Center, this rendition of the epic love story will blow you away with its dramatic prowess and regal grandeur.
Best Time to Visit
To avoid the torrid heat of the summer months, it is ideal to visit this historic city during the cool months from October to April. With a slight chill in the air and a gentle breeze, exploring the beautiful city of Agra becomes even more enjoyable. For a magical Agra tour on a luxury train, pick one of these departure dates for season 2021-22 and give wings to your travel dreams.
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