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Add The ‘Epic’ Factor To Your Travels

As conscious beings, we humans have an insatiable appetite for exploration, whether it is in the realm of science or imagination. We seek new things, and one of the best ways to explore new things is to travel to destinations that lie beyond our daily scope of activities; destinations that provide welcome breaks from the ennui of routine day-to-day chores. The journeys curated by the Maharajas’ Express provide many such destinations, and let us explore Indian culture in unique ways.

As a prime example of a treasure trove of rich experiences is the luxurious odyssey one undertakes while aboard the Maharajas’ Express on the ‘Indian Panorama’ Journey.

A Versatile Itinerary With Many Things For Everyone

The list of destinations included in this 7Nights/8 days trip of “Indian Panorama” is mind-blowingly long, passing through 3 of the biggest states in India, both area- and population-wise. Starting from an idyllic railway station despite being in the heart of the thronging national capital, Delhi, the state-of-the-art train chugs majestically into royal environs as the name of the state depicts – Rajasthan, or Land of the Kings. The serene landscapes begin to teem with humanity as we witness the Taj Mahal in the Uttar Pradesh city of Agra, the grandest monument ever built to commemorate love, and move into the literally central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Temples, forts and off-board activities await in Gwalior and Khajuraho, and the next day, deeper meanings of life come within reach at the spiritual hotspot on the banks of the holy Ganges at Varanasi. The traditional lifestyle and courteous society of Lucknow help in contextualizing spiritual wisdom amid modern capitalism, the advantages of which one enjoys in the superb experience of the Maharajas’ Express.

Take A Look At India Like Never Before

There is a profusion of quintessential ‘Indian’ experiences on the Indian Panorama journey, starting with Jaipur, the first stop. The remarkably still-strong fort of Amber and the really regal City Palace are only the tip of the tourism iceberg, as they are followed up by options including relaxing spa treatments, indulgent shopping tours or ancient astronomical observatory visits. It would be inconceivably hard to pack in more variety of experiences in a single day!

The erstwhile hunting grounds of royalty in Ranthambore can result in encountering the royal tiger for lucky guests, pumping adrenaline through their veins when they sight the ferocious predator! Fatehpur Sikri, a relic of the Mughals, provides a glimpse of the regal lifestyle of ages gone by.

Hospitality at its highest levels greets guests of the Maharajas’ Express in Agra, with exclusive settings for viewing the Taj Mahal from the aptly named Taj Khema, while enjoying a champagne breakfast! The posh treatment continues at Gwalior, with high teas offered up as ways of rejuvenation. Khajuraho is a haven for history buffs, with its temple complexes that are excellent examples of Indian mythology depiction in architectur.

Varanasi is steeped in centuries-old traditions, which can be delved into during the visit to a silk weaving center and the Sarnath museum which houses the source of India’s national emblem. Traditions also continue to elevate the cuisine of Lucknow, which is the next city explored in depth on this marvelous journey. The regional Kathak dance is performed for guests with full exuberance in the lavish Vivanta by Taj, capping off a week of extraordinary experiences with frivolity.

These joyful moments stay long in the mind after the conclusion of the journey at Delhi, enticing guests to explore more of India on the other equally fascinating journeys of the Maharajas’ Express.