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Redefine Happy Journeys with The Maharajas’ Express, A Leading Luxury Train of the World
  • May 26, 2021

Redefine Happy Journeys with The Maharajas’ Express, A Leading Luxury Train of the World

The great Indian summer is upon us, a time when normally travellers are looking for domestic and international destinations where they can beat the heat and cool off in the hills. But instead, the entire world’s attention is focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has impacted our way of life, travel is no exception. The emerging trends in the world of luxury travel clearly indicate that personalised experiences, cleanliness and privacy are the most desirable amenities in these changing times. Luxury trains like The Maharajas’ Express have always provided travellers with an opportunity to travel in the most exclusive manner possible along with an emphasis on hygiene, comfort and safety. Being quite like a palace on wheels coursing through Rajasthan, The Maharajas’ Express Train is a world of its own, offering the perfect escape to tourists everywhere. Here‘s a look at the changing travel trends in a post Covid-19 world and how a Rajasthan luxury train or royal Rajasthan train like The Maharajas’ Express is your ticket to a happy journey. 

Luxury Travel in 2021

  • Quality over Quantity: As people are travelling less frequently now, they are seeking quality travel experiences. One increasingly popular trend is ‘slow travel’ that allows visitors to really settle in a destination of their liking and appreciate all it has to offer. It is also a great way to create special bonds by spending quality time with one’s family, friends and close relations. With private cabins, elegant restaurants on wheels, group activities and the best of modern luxury, the Maharajas’ Express journey fits the bill perfectly. 
  • Exclusive Experiences: As personal space and privacy is becoming a top priority among travellers, they are more interested in unique getaways away from large gatherings and crowds. Well chalked-out plans, itineraries, personalised experiences and bespoke journeys by trusted travel advisors have become essential to luxury travel. Curated by top experts and award-winning professionals, the Maharajas’ Express itineraries are planned to the T. The guests are also accompanied by seasoned tour managers who can help in navigating through complex and unpredictable travel scenarios to ensure a fine travel experience. 
  • Safety & Security: in a Covid-19 world, safety, security, discretion and flexibility while travelling have become more important than ever. As more and more tourists want to ‘travel in a bubble’, the demand for private modes of transport, chauffeur services, luxury quarantine stays, contactless check-ins and other features that provide a safety net has increased. Inspired by the most luxurious royal carriages, The Maharajas’ Express Train sports private salons, expansive suites, restaurant cars, bars, a state-of-the-art kitchen and an army of dedicated staff members, making it a deluxe haven for tourists from all over the world. 

If you are looking for an escape from these dark times, an escape that brings with it the promise of good times, then a ride on the Rajasthan special train, The Maharajas’ Express is just what you need. The idea of a happy journey may be changing but what remains the same is the sense of euphoria, bliss and satisfaction brought through this incredible train journey through India. To know about the Rajasthan royal ticket price, the Maharajas’ Express Train features, journeys and more, visit the website.

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