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Experience These Regal Giants at Close Quarters with Maharajas’ Express Journeys


A rendezvous with nature while riding on a tusker’s back is perhaps something that you’ve always wanted to experience. Maharajas’ Express transports you to a different world as you interact with these gentle giants and create delightful memories. Elephants have been associated with man for ages. They have been used by kings to fight battles […]

Light up Your Imagination with the Fascinating Sound and Light Shows of India


Want to ignite your imagination with the enchanting history of India? If yes, the various sound and light shows exhibited in different parts of the country are the most entertaining ways of learning about India’s past. These shows are presented in a number of historic monuments – famous forts and palaces of the country. They […]

Explore Agra and Its Ancient Art Forms- with Maharajas’ Express


The following blog talks about the ancient art of Parchin Kari or Pietra dura in Agra. It talks about how it has been passed from one generation of an artisan to the other and still continues to thrive. India has a concoction of various dynasties and cultures that have lured tourists from far and wide. […]