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Diwali in India

“In India, Diwali is not just a festival to celebrate the home coming of Lord Rama after conquering the war of good over evil. It is not just about the festivities outward, but also about the celebration of the inner self! The name “”Diwali”” or “”Divali”” is a contraction of deepavali which translates into “”row […]

Restaurant Cars

“They say no vacation is complete without the pleasures of fine cuisine! That is exactly what the team of Chefs at Maharajas’ Express aims to provide to the guests. Starting from international gourmet dishes to the flavours of the wondrous Indian cuisine, the best of efforts and culinary expertise is put into preparing the perfect […]


“Jaipur, Jodhpur & Udaipur are the names that often come to ones mind when talking about regal Rajasthan. An added name to these jewels is that of Bikaner. Founded by Rao Bika in 1486, it derives its name from its founder. Bikaner was and is the centre for Usta Art, a generic term for the […]


“Giving company to the brilliant regal cities of Jaipur & Udaipur, Jodhpur forms a perfect match to the royal splendour of Rajasthan. Keeping in tradition with the popular names being given to the cities of Jaipur & Udaipur, Jodhpur is known as the “”Sun City”” for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year […]

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