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Class of Accommodations on Maharajas’ Express


The Maharajas’ express stays true to its name by delivering Maharaja like amenities such as royal lodging, fine dining and entertainment throughout the journey. The fine accommodations on the Maharajas’ Express wheels are categorized into four suites or cabins. The lavishness of Maharajas’ Express is well-known globally as it has bagged World’s Leading Luxurious train Award for 5 years in a row.

The extravagant accommodations such as Presidential Suites, Deluxe Cabins, Suites and Junior Suites are filled with lavish interiors and distinct themes accompanied by the latest universal safety features such as electronic smoke detection system, CCTV and pneumatic suspension for superior ride comfort for the relaxed Maharaja train journey.

The four suites

The presidential suite is appropriately named as Navaratna (nine precious gems). The Presidential suite is fondly known as the Palace on Wheels that is well-equipped with the latest international features. The guests on-board the Presidential suite have an exclusive 24 hours personal valet.  It has a living room, 2 bedrooms and washrooms.

The Presidential Suite recreates the lifestyle of the Royal era that provides a comfortable and sumptuous experience to the travellers. The Presidential suite covers the 448 sq. ft of the cabin area.

The Maharajas’ Express is a fine example of extravagance and comfort. The princely lifestyle and lavish living are made available to the passengers while travelling on-board in the Suites. The suite room on rail is well spread in 220 Sq. ft area. The Maharaja Express wagons dedicated to the Suites are named after the precious gems Heera(Diamond) & Neelam(Blue Sapphire) to indicate the luxury and splendours offered on-board.

The fare for the suite is inclusive of an exclusive language speaking guide and Luxury car during the off-board journeys. All the essential facilities are made accessible to all the passengers of Maharaja Express, irrespective of the luxury package that they select; however, the facilities might differ as per the package details.


The Junior suite comes third in terms of recreation of luxury and comfort in Maharajas’ Express luxe carriages. The Junior suite carriages are named after the precious gems Moti(Pearl), Panna(Emerald), Manik(Ruby), Gomed(Hessonite), Moonga(Coral) &Pukhraj(Sapphire) which are representation of extravagant amenities in the special Packages of Maharajas’ Express.

The Maharajas’ tour provides passengers with 12 twin-bedded and 6-double bedded accommodation in 18 Junior suites.  All the suites have large panoramic windows, so that you can adore every bit of magnificent India on your train journey.  The carriage of the Maharajas’ express train has a mini-pantry and a crew of valets that provide lavish & personalized services throughout the journey.

Maharajas’ train’s fourth royal cabin is known as Deluxe cabin that exclusively provides passengers with personalized valets to serve them at their seats in a congenial manner. The Maharajas’ travel India offers fine hospitality wherein the staff is courteous and refined while catering to passengers requests making them more comfortable throughout their journey both on and off the wheels.

The Maharajas’ Express train carriages of Deluxe Cabin have derived names from the precious gems such as Hakik (Agate), Firoza (Torquoise), Katela (Amethyst), Beruz (Aquamarine) &Pitoniya (Bloodstone) to symbolize the lavishness specified in the special tour Packages of Maharajas’ Express. The train has 20 Deluxe Cabins out of which 12 are twin bedded and 8 double bedded.

Stay in the accommodation of your choice and enjoy lavishly on the sumptuous Maharajas’ Express that takes you on a scintillating journey through spectacular heritage destinations in India.